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"Excellent private gym. Very clean and top of the line equipment. David is extremely knowledgeable about which training program is best for each individual and he will also advice you on which supplements to take and on a nutritional diet to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. I have had other trainers before and hands down David is the best one out there and the one that I have seen the best results with."

- Anna

"In one word, Outstanding! A brief 2 times a week training session got me the results I was looking for. David is very experienced on developing a workout program that will help you lose weight fast."

- Tara

"Great private gym, excellent machines, a friend recommended a trainer David. David coached me; lost 25lbs got strong and aches and pains are gone. Only with 2 thirty minute works a week!"

- Peggy

“After recognizing that I had stopped living a healthy lifestyle, I decided to give David a try. Not only did I see results within a short period of time, but David Bartolotti pushed me beyond what I thought my capabilities were. My overall health has improved tremendously and I’ve noticed a huge increase in my strength, energy, and endurance. Seeing such great results has caused me to become more motivated than ever and I owe it all to David.”

- Ashley Romero

"As a former gym rat, I sought after personal training because my schedule became too busy to make it to the gym 2 hours a day.  I couldn't believe that only TWO 20-30 minute sessions per week could give me such great results.  David is an awesome trainer who shows his clients that working out is about working smarter and not harder.  I would highly recommend David, especially to those who have limited time in their schedule but still want to work out and get great results."

- Stephanie

“Best workout on the planet. Two 20-30 minute workouts per week is all you need to achieve your fitness goals."

- John

"Trisha is an outstanding motivator. Her positive encouragement not only motivates you, but pushes you to do just a little bit more when you felt that you couldn't! She is an expert in anatomy and physiology and she has assisted me to understand my shoulder pain and scoliosis. Trisha not only trains, but educates you, and will also supplement with nutritional information related to you specifically. I have never felt better, more motivated and in beter hands than working with her! She is a 12 on a scale of 1-10!"

- Noreen W.

“I have worked with Trisha Dowd for one year. She is a dedicated Personal Trainer. Using the Super Slow method, she has not only increased my muscular strength, but has been able to return the range of motion in my previously broken arm to nearly 100%."

- Janet P.

“Thanks David, I got home from work and tossed eight yards of soil twenty to thirty feet, non-stop. I had plenty of leg and upper body strength, and more importantly, endurance. I grew up on a farm. Thanks to your professional expertise, I feel better and stronger now than any other time in my life, and I am sixty-five. My Thanks, again. “

- Harry Carls

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