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The Importance of Rest Between Workouts

Many of us that workout only focus on frequency, not rest. The rest period between workouts is actually the most critical factor in achieving optimal results. This is why working out at the gym for hours everyday can actually produce less results than only working out for 2 thirty-minute sessions per week. The results of your workout actually come in 48-72 hours after a high-intensity workout. Once your body has recovered, you can advance your next workout to further your results each time.

Exercise doesn't produce results, it stimulates it. The act of going through a workout doesn't directly produce improvements in your body. Exercise is a stimulus that your body responds to by producing the desired results. You should be in the gym only long enough to provide that stimulus, but for your body to then produce the results, you need to have a good amount of time between workouts to recover and adapt.

Our specialized HIIT workouts are designed custom for each of our clients to include the proper amount of rest between sessions to make each workout better than the last! Try out our method FREE today: 407-256-9291.

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