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Achieve maximum results in as little as ONE 30-minute session per week!


20-30 minutes per workout. Our personal trainers make use of a tried, tested and proven exercise technique that requires our clients to always lift and lower the weight in a slow and controlled manner. In doing so, all momentum and acceleration are effectively eliminated from the action, keeping your muscles under continual contraction and your joints free from any unnecessary forces.


Because momentum and acceleration are eliminated from the action, the muscle is more efficiently placed under load and therefore fatigues quickly. Because of this, the average session here at One Body is under 20 minutes. This technique places a demand on your body that requires a significant amount of energy resources and because of this 15 to 20 minutes is typically the maximum amount of time people are able to effectively endure.


Proper exercise provides a stimulus that gives your body a reason to make an adaptive response. Once this stimulus has been introduced the average person requires anywhere from six to 14 days to recover and overcompensate from a productive exercise session; therefore one exercise session per week is usually all that is needed.

At ONE BODY, we are very passionate about strength training and the non-negotiable role it should play in every person’s life.  There are a number of other activities such as yoga, golf, boot camps, jogging, swimming or bike riding that offer some heath benefits and are enjoyable. The benefits from strength training cannot be achieved in the other activities. You will look better, feel better and the markers that measure your level of health will improve.


In order to accomplish the above we utilize the finest exercise equipment made today. Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus Sport Medical Industries, designed the MedX line of equipment in the mid 1980′s.  Arthur’s design was driven by the function of the muscle.  The result was equipment that works the muscle through its entire range of motion. The end result for you is an unmatched exercise experience and results!


Our HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (HIT) will help you improve your overall health and make you feel great about your body. The end result: a safer method of training for everyone, faster results and a stronger you. 


What does it take? 

We recommend 1-2 times a week with at least two days between workouts. You will see and feel results within 6 workouts.



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